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Sales Funnels Made Easy

From “what the hell are sales funnels?” to “wow! I can create my own funnels to systematically turn prospects into buyers!


Video #1: Online Sales Funnels 101

Understanding what funnels are and why you must use them


Video #2: The $80K Funnel

The single funnel that made me $80K in 17 months with a $99 product (and no upsells!)


Video #3: Five Classic Funnels

Use any of these 5 classic funnels to sell any product

What to Expect

Once you sign up, you will get access to Video #1 immediately. Video #2 will be released on October 10th and Video #3 will be available on October 12th.

Neta Talmor

Brains behind No Hassle Website and all things No Hassle

I make the life of online entrepreneurs better by creating easy (and super affordable) solutions to seemingly complicated problems.

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