Are You….

a year 7-11 student?

learning to find your way around your scientific calculator?

aware that a whopping 66% of the GCSE exam is now calculator based?

now panicking after reading that and wondering how to improve?



I hear you and I have something just for you…

If your calculator skills aren’t where they should be, your whole grade is in jeopardy.  So what if you do well in the non-calculator paper… if you can’t use your scientific calculator properly, that’s two thirds of your potential grade shot down in an instant. But don’t worry. My new workshop is just what you need!

Hi I am….

Liz, and I founded Skills4Parents to support parents with the education of their young people, after working as a Maths teacher and Head of Maths for 16 years in secondary schools. People describe me as caring, compassionate, patient, kind, warm and fun. Or as my assistant says I’m a ‘great big, welcoming hug’

When I was teaching, I saw that parents aren’t taught how to educate their children, but that the best results came when the school and parents were able to work together. Unfortunately though, many parents were unsure of themselves and the curriculum. If I’d had a pound for every person that said either ‘I can’t do maths myself’ or ‘I don’t know how to help them’ I’d never need to work again!

Whilst teaching, I enjoyed running workshops for parents with their young people, giving ideas and support. However, teaching was hard and there was a lot within the education system I couldn’t agree with, and eventually I decided it was time to move on and founded Skills4Parents.

I believe that we can achieve more when we work together, so Skills4Parents isn’t just about me. It’s also about collaboration with parents, schools and others.

Introducing the ‘Save Your Maths with a Calculator’ Workshop

A live, interactive workshop for parents and young people in Key Stages 3 and 4 (years 7-11) to learn how to Save Their Maths with a Calculator! In this session we will cover:

WHICH calculator do you need for GCSE?

WHY is your calculator giving you the wrong answers?

HOW can you use your calculator to draw graphs?

WHAT are the hidden capabilities of your calculator?

…and so much more! This information packed workshop will take place on Saturday 19th June 10am-12pm London Time via Zoom Call. Places are limited due to the involved, personal nature of the workshop, so BOOK NOW to avoid missing out on this fabulous opportunity. 



Expert Host

Liz has over 16 years of teaching experience in secondary schools, 11 of which she did as Head of Maths. Liz is highly competent and commended for her patience.


Suitable for All

Whether you will be sitting the higher paper, foundation paper, or you have absolutely no idea, this workshop has content that will suit you as we will cover a wide range.


Fully Interactive

Throughout the workshop, we encourage questions. Just raise a hand or pop a comment in the chat and Liz will answer your questions there and then!

Practical Demonstrations

We will be exploring a range of content across a number of themes – so you can test out your calculator RIGHT NOW and correct any issues.


Hints and Tips

Liz will show you some of the hidden features and hacks you never knew you never knew. The A-F keys aren’t just for spelling swear words you know!



Everyone who signs up for the workshop will receive an accompanying booklet and my exclusive Memory Aids playbook, containing all my favourite memory aids for maths.

At just £15, this workshop is a steal. Due to the intimate nature of the workshop, spaces are limited. Book now to secure your spot!

Hurry, this is only available for a limited time!








Testimonials about Liz

Liz’s ‘magic spread sheet’ was my key revision tool throughout my GCSE revision. It enables you to practice exam style questions and rate yourself on confidence so that you can understand better where to focus your revision. With Liz’s help and completing this spreadsheet I managed to go from a grade 5 to a grade 8 in under a year. She not only helped with my maths skills but also my confidence in knowing that I could figure out how to do it and to just give things a go.


Former Tutee

By attending Liz’s tutor sessions this undoubtably provided my daughter with more confidence when answering the GCSE papers. She really enjoyed the sessions and thought Liz had a really nice way about her meaning she was able to open up to her without feeling silly for asking basic questions.

C, Parent of E

Used the Magic Spreadsheet alongside 1:1 tutoring

I am in my 40’s and decided to retake my maths GCSE exams. I was going to evening classes but they got cancelled due to coronavirus. In the days leading up to my exams I just needed some extra help and at the very last minute Liz jumped in to save the day. She explains things incredibly well. She was patient and just made me understand some of the subjects much better than I had done before. I recommend Liz for all age groups


Former Tutee, Adult Learner

“Once you’ve done this workshop, you will feel more confident, have greater knowledge and will stand a better chance of scoring highly on your calculator exam!”

Liz Taylor – Founder of Skills4Parents

This All Sounds Great But…

Will there be a chance to ask questions?

Yes, you can raise your hand at any time during the session, and there will also be an opportunity at the end of the session to ask questions.

When do I get my bonus Memory Aids Playbook?

Once you sign up, you’ll get an email with all the information you need, including your Memory Aids Playbook

Can my child attend without me?

Yes, although for the younger end of the age bracket, I recommend that you stay in the room with them where possible. There will be other people there and I cannot fully control what people say or do.

My child is in primary school, is the content relevant?

No, unfortunately, it’s too advanced at the moment.

Will there be a replay?

No, this is a one-off, live session specifically for the people who attend. There may be further sessions in future but there are none planned at present on this topic.

Can I attend without my child?

Absolutely, you’re welcome to attend alone. It will be useful to parents who are home educating, or parents who are taking a proactive interest in supporting their child’s education.

What do I need to bring with me?

Just the paperwork I send to you, a notebook, a pen, and something to drink! Don’t forget your calculator too!

My child does not know which paper they will be sitting, does it matter?

No! I will cover a range of questions from foundation and higher papers to build up their confidence, regardless of their ability.

At just £15, this workshop is a steal. Due to the intimate nature of the workshop, spaces are limited. Book now to secure your spot!

Hurry, this is only available for a limited time!








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