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Are you looking for a personalised and effective revision plan for your child’s GCSE maths exams? Look no further than Revise The Skills4Parents Way, led by experienced maths tutor Liz Taylor.

Liz understands the unique challenges and pressures that come with GCSE exams, and has designed a revision programme specifically for year 11 students.

Liz is friendly and makes maths approachable for students, building their confidence and reducing anxiety. With Revise The Skills4Parents Way, your child will have the support and resources they need to excel in their GCSE maths exams. Sign up now, and get some of the magic for your child.

Why should you work with me?

I taught for 16 years as a maths teacher including 11 years as head of maths in a variety of secondary schools. 

I’m  passionate about empowering others, in particular those who have low confidence in their own maths skills, and I strongly believe that when parents are involved in their child’s learning everyone benefits.

As an online maths tutor for the last 4 years, I have  worked with many students who have different levels of confidence, bringing my magical touch to the lessons so that they feel that they can do maths.

After founding Skills4Parents almost 3 years ago, I set up a free facebook group ‘Education Support 4 Parents’ to give parents support and the tools that they need to help their children.

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What’s Included?


The Skills4Parents Magic Spreadsheet

The only revision resource your child will need to polish their knowledge and fill the gap.


3 x 15 minute calls with Liz

Three 1:1 calls with Liz to discuss your child’s stumbling blocks, and bespoke advice, either during the call or as a follow-up email or video where appropriate.


Targeted Resources

Every two weeks, Liz will send an email with video recordings and additional supporting work to really help your child nail those tough areas.

What is the Skills4Parents Magic Spreadsheet?

I have curated an excellent resource in the Skills4Parents Magic Spreadsheet. For each of the key exam boards and for each tier of the exam, there is a Magic Spreadsheet. Each spreadsheet links to a minimum of 12 past exam papers, as well as the accompanying mark scheme. There’s then a page on the spreadsheet for each exam, which records the marks and calculates the grade you would have scored, highlighting to you areas of strength and weakness.

It’s totally automatic. Your child just needs to work through the exam, review their answers against the mark scheme, and record the score for each question, and the spreadsheet does the rest.

During the calls with me, you can discuss areas of challenge, or let me know by email, and I will send personalised, targeted work around those areas for your child to work through, to really focus their learning and master the topics that they are struggling with.

If you find along the way that there are areas where you would like a more hands-on approach, don’t worry, you can add on additional tutoring sessions if your child needs them. Grab as many or as few as you like! Using my custom desk setup, your child can watch me working through a problem in real-time, and we can work through those really tough questions together.

Get Yours Now…

and watch your child’s confidence soar week by week, because they know what they know, they know what they need to improve, and they have the nurture and support that they need to succeed!

Here’s What Others Think…

Liz’s ‘magic spread sheet’ was my key revision tool throughout my GCSE revision. It enables you to practice exam style questions and rate yourself on confidence so that you can understand better where to focus your revision. With Liz’s help and completing this spreadsheet I managed to go from a grade 5 to a grade 8 in under a year. She not only helped with my maths skills but also my confidence in knowing that I could figure out how to do it and to just give things a go.


Former Tutee

By attending Liz’s tutor sessions this undoubtably provided my daughter with more confidence when answering the GCSE papers. She really enjoyed the sessions and thought Liz had a really nice way about her meaning she was able to open up to her without feeling silly for asking basic questions.

C, Parent of E

Used the Magic Spreadsheet alongside 1:1 tutoring

I am in my 40’s and decided to retake my maths GCSE exams. I was going to evening classes but they got cancelled due to coronavirus. In the days leading up to my exams I just needed some extra help and at the very last minute Liz jumped in to save the day. She explains things incredibly well. She was patient and just made me understand some of the subjects much better than I had done before. I recommend Liz for all age groups


Former Tutee, Adult Learner

Many of my tutees use the Magic Spreadsheet alongside additional 1:1 sessions. Why not add a few on for your child? After purchase you’ll get a link to my calendar, where you can book in additional tutoring sessions according to your child’s needs. Grab as few or as many as you need!

Any questions?

Won’t school provide this?

Generally schools will do some past paper practice, but it won’t necessarily be as focused and targeted as our comprehensive package provides. This structured way of revising Liz has had much success with her students and we now want to pass it on in a more accessible way.

Don’t different schools do different exams?

Yes they do, but we’ve got that covered. We have set this up for the main exams that get taught in school:

    • Edexcel GCSE maths
    • AQA GCSE maths
    • OCR GCSE maths
    • Edexcel IGCSE
    • AQA IGCSE maths

When you buy Revise 4 GCSE Maths we will ask you which exam board your child is sitting the exam with.

Why are there only 20 available?

Liz’s time is limited, and as part of this package we want to make sure you get quality support.

What’s different between this and tutoring?

This is a more accessible way to get our revision package. Not everyone is able to fund 1:1 tutoring, or they may not need as much support, so this is a way to share our way of structuring revision to make it available to those people.

Can’t I just buy the spreadsheet and papers?

At Skills4Parents we provide things that get results. If we were to sell just the spreadsheet and papers without support we can’t guarantee results. However, if that’s what you really want get in touch.

The Small Print (Terms and Conditions)

Weekly payments will commence upon purchase and must be paid on time or your access will be revoked.

Should a call be cancelled due to circumstances outside of Skills4Parents control, we will endeavour to provide a rescheduled call.

All purchases are final, and by purchasing you accept these terms and waive the right to a refund due to the digital resources becoming available immediately.

No guarantees are made about the effectiveness of the resource, it is up to you to put the strategies into place and use the resource to its full effect. 

By making a purchase of this product, you confirm that you have read and agreed to all terms and conditions laid out here. 

Copyright ©2023 Liz Taylor trading as Skills4Parents. All Rights Reserved.

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