Learn how to help your young person remember their learning

Are You….

a parent who wonders what on earth their child learns at school, when they struggle with their homework?

a student who knows they learn things but just can’t get the results in tests?

frustrated that your young person just can’t remember the basic facts?

tired of seeing your child stressed with their work?



I hear you and you don’t have to be in this situation!

Did you know that within ONE HOUR of a lesson, your child will have forgotten around 50% of the content?

Children aren’t taught to study, they are EXPECTED to know how!

Your young person has all the capability of getting good results, they just need the key to unlock it! That’s where I come in!

Hi I am….

Liz, and I founded Skills4Parents to support parents with the education of their young people, after working as a Maths teacher and Head of Maths for 16 years in secondary schools. People describe me as caring, compassionate, patient, kind, warm and fun. Or as my assistant says I’m a ‘great big, welcoming hug’

When I was teaching, I saw that parents aren’t taught how to educate their children, but that the best results came when the school and parents were able to work together. Unfortunately though, many parents were unsure of themselves and the curriculum. If I’d had a pound for every person that said either ‘I can’t do maths myself’ or ‘I don’t know how to help them’ I’d never need to work again!

Whilst teaching, I enjoyed running workshops for parents with their young people, giving ideas and support. However, teaching was hard and there was a lot within the education system I couldn’t agree with, and eventually I decided it was time to move on and founded Skills4Parents.

I believe that we can achieve more when we work together, so Skills4Parents isn’t just about me. It’s also about collaboration with parents, schools and others.

Introducing the ‘How to Remember Learning’ Workshop

A live, interactive workshop for parents and young people of any age to learn all about how learning takes place. We will cover a range of topics including:

WHAT is the Forgetting Curve?

WHY should you know about it?

HOW can your child’s learning style affect how they study?

WHEN should you be studying to get optimum results?

WHERE can you find resources to best support learning?

…and so much more! This information packed workshop will take place on Saturday 30th October 1pm-3pm London Time via Zoom Call. Places are limited due to the involved, personal nature of the workshop, so BOOK NOW to avoid missing out on this fabulous opportunity. 



Learning Styles

Find out the best way your young person learns so that they learn in ways that suit them.

The Forgetting Curve

Why we forget 50% of our learning within an hour and what strategies can we use to use this to our advantage in remembering learning

Revision Plans

Why a revision plan is not the same for different young people. Different revision plan ideas, and how to implement them from primary school to GCSE without putting the pressure on

Memory Aids

Different types of memory aids and how they fit in with different learning styles. As a bonus you will receive a compliation of my favourite memory aids for key areas of maths

Hints and Tips

Liz will explan some of her tried and tested methods for learning maths vocab and facts, from times tables through to circle theorems


Everyone who attends the workshop will receive an accompanying booklet which includes VARK learning styles questinonaire, all the formulae to learn, with different ways of learning them, and my favourite memory aids for maths.

At just £15, this workshop is a steal. Due to the intimate nature of the workshop, spaces are limited. Book now to secure your spot!

Hurry, this is only available for a limited time!








Testimonials about Liz

“Liz is patient and supportive, allowing you to solve things in your own time but offering help when she can see you struggling. I improved very quickly with Liz’s help”


Year 11

“Liz explains things incredibly well. She was patient and just made me understand some of the subjects much better than I had done before”


Mature Student

I can’t thank Liz enough for the way that she’s helped my daughter’s  confidence in
maths. I can definitely see the change in her. Thank you!



“Attending the How to remember workshop will give you the tools to ensure your young person remembers their learning”

Liz Taylor – Founder of Skills4Parents

This All Sounds Great But…

My child is in primary school, is the content relevant?

Yes, absolutely, we welcome learners of all ages! The principles are the same.

Will there be a chance to ask questions?

Yes, you can raise your hand at any time during the session, and there will also be an opportunity at the end of the session to ask questions.

When do I get my VARK questionnaire?

All the papers you will need for the workshop will arrive a few days beforehand.

Can my child attend without me?

Yes, although for younger children I ask that you stay in the room with them where possible. There will be other people there and I cannot fully control what people say or do.

My child has is studying A levels or has left school, will the workshop be useful to them?

While they may have already covered the maths, the principles are the same and can be applied to all levels of academic study.

Will there be a replay?

No, this is a one-off, live session specifically for the people who attend. There may be further sessions in future but there are none planned at present on this topic.

Can I attend without my child?

Absolutely, you’re welcome to attend alone!

What do I need to bring with me?

Just the paperwork I send to you, a notebook, a pen, and something to drink! 

At just £15, this workshop is a steal. Due to the intimate nature of the workshop, spaces are limited. Book now to secure your spot!

Hurry, this is only available for a limited time!








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